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Jeffrey Rumbaugh, MD, PhD

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As a top neurologist in the Tampa, Florida area, Jeffrey Rumbaugh, MD, PhD, is dedicated to providing the highest-quality medical services at Pathway Neurology. Dr. Rumbaugh and his experienced medical staff offer the added benefits of access to concierge medical services, so you get the care you need when you need it most. Learn more about concierge services at the Tampa office by calling today or booking an appointment online.
Concierge Services Q & A
What concierge services are available?
Dr. Rumbaugh makes himself available to those who need medical attention after normal business hours. Through his concierge service, Dr. Rumbaugh makes house calls when you need medical assistance or a change to your treatment plan but aren't able to travel to the office.

Concierge services at Pathway Neurology also include advantages like:

  • Same-day appointments
  • Consultations by email and phone
  • No rushed visits
  • 24/7 access to care
Dr. Rumbaugh even offers after-hours and weekend visits in the Tampa office to accommodate your health needs or your work schedule. Although many follow-up interactions can be handled without a visit, the physician may at times require face-to-face interaction with a patient, depending on the issue at hand.
How do I qualify for concierge services?
As long as you're a patient of Dr. Rumbaugh, no additional qualifications are needed for concierge care. The staff at Pathway Neurology can provide you with the registration paperwork to complete.

Concierge medicine is available for an additional membership fee, which you can pay at the time of sign-up.

The membership fee is $199 every three months, payable by credit card, and is nonrefundable. Pathway Neurology does not auto-renew so you will need to renew if you want to continue concierge services. This fee is a membership fee for the concierge services, is not a payment for the medical services, and is not covered by medical insurance.

Your insurance company will be billed for routine physician services as for any other patient and depending on your insurance, there may be a co-pay due. If you do not have insurance or your insurance is not accepted by the practice, you will have to self-pay for the routine medical services as would any other patient.

To qualify for home visits, you must be located within 20 minutes of downtown Tampa, Florida. Determination of whether you are located within the required radius is at the sole discretion of Dr. Rumbaugh and his staff. At your request, this determination can be made before you pay the membership fee and join the concierge service.
    What are the benefits of concierge medicine?
    Having access to Dr. Rumbaugh, who knows your medical history, your existing health concerns, and your treatment plan whenever you need it most is one of the primary benefits of concierge medicine. Dr. Rumbaugh sees everyone in person at each visit.

    If you suffer from a chronic neurological disorder, concierge medicine ensures you receive care as frequently as you need it, paying only a flat-rate membership fee. Concierge service makes appointments available to you after normal business hours or on weekends, so your medical care will better fit your schedule. If you prefer, concierge services also make it possible to schedule visits with Dr. Rumbaugh in the privacy of your own home when your condition makes it difficult to travel to the office.

    With close, personalized attention to your health, you can develop a better working relationship with Dr. Rumbaugh and his staff. During each appointment, you are the sole focus of the medical team at Pathway Neurology and can spend as much time as you need discussing your health concerns with Dr. Rumbaugh.

    To learn more about the benefits of concierge medicine, schedule a consultation with Pathway Neurology by calling the Tampa office or using the convenient online booking feature.
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