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Deciding on a reliable, knowledgeable expert witness is no easy task for attorneys and their clients. At Pathway Neurology in Tampa, Florida, Jeffrey Rumbaugh, MD, PhD, offers convenient and comprehensive expert witness services, focusing on multiple sclerosis and related neurologic conditions, as well as the complicated conditions often seen in hospitalized patients, including, but not limited to, strokes, brain bleeds, brain swelling, meningitis, encephalitis, seizures including status epilepticus, altered mental status, and exacerbations or flares of various diseases including multiple sclerosis,myasthenia gravis, and Guillain Barre. Dr. Rumbaugh can be available to discuss your client's needs by calling the Tampa office.
Expert Witness Q & A
What expert witness specialties are available?
Dr. Rumbaugh is highly experienced in addressing complex neurological and multiple sclerosis-related issues as an expert witness. He meets the legal criteria in the state of Florida as an expert medical witness and provides medical services for attorneys and their clients that include:

  • Depositions
  • Trial testimony
  • Attorney consultations
  • Medical-record review
  • Independent medical exams
Legal consultation services with Dr. Rumbaugh can be customized to meet your client's needs. He's also willing to travel to your location as needed.
What types of cases can be handled?
Dr. Rumbaugh can serve as an expert witness, testifying in a variety of legal cases, regarding neurological injuries or chronic conditions resulting from:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Automobile collisions
  • Violent crimes
  • Work-related injuries
The experience and knowledge Dr. Rumbaugh offers in neurological matters can also be useful in other types of legal situations. Expert-witness services are available for standard-of-care cases, peer reviews, and evaluations for disability.
    What neurological conditions are considered?
    Dr. Rumbaugh has a wealth of experience and training in diagnosing and treating complex neurological conditions. While he is especially skilled in managing multiple sclerosis and neurological conditions seen in hospitalized patients, Dr. Rumbaugh also can address different aspects of conditions like:

    • Concussions and Traumatic brain injury
    • Epilepsy and Seizures
    Dr. Rumbaugh will evaluate your client's legal needs to determine if his experience relates to their specific health issues and if he can help with your case.
    What qualifications does the expert witness have?
    Dr. Rumbaugh underwent extensive training at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore for diagnosing and treating a comprehensive list of neurological diseases and disorders, with a special focus on multiple sclerosis. He also specializes in physician referrals of those with complicated and complex neurological issues.

    In addition to his many years in practice, Dr. Rumbaugh is the co-author of innovative research on neurological issues related to infectious diseases, such as HIV. He has previous experience as an assistant professor of neurology, working at the distinguished Johns Hopkins Hospital and Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

    To learn more about Dr. Rumbaugh's neurology expertise or to schedule a consultation for expert-witness services, call the Tampa office directly.
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