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When you need to make important choices about treatment options for a recent diagnosis, you can rely on the second-opinion expertise of Jeffrey Rumbaugh, MD, PhD. At Pathway Neurology in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Rumbaugh offers the convenience of online second-opinion services for neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis and related neuroimmunological and neuro-infectious diseases. As a top Tampa-area specialist in neurology, Dr. Rumbaugh helps you make the most educated decision about what's next. To learn more about the benefits of a second opinion, call Pathway Neurology today.
Online Second Opinion Q & A
When should I consider an online second opinion?
A second opinion is worth considering if you receive a diagnosis of a serious illness and want to learn more about your options for treatment, or if you have any uncertainty about the accuracy of the diagnosis you have received or whether the treatment plan you have been given is the optimal one for you.

Because of his extensive training in neurological conditions, Dr. Rumbaugh can review your diagnosis and treatment options to determine what's right for you. Dr. Rumbaugh follows evidence-based medicine and guidelines and will give you an objective expert opinion on your possible diagnosis and your options for further evaluation and/or treatment.
What information do I need to provide for an online second opinion?
To ensure Dr. Rumbaugh has the information he needs to provide a comprehensive second-opinion report, you should obtain your medical records, including history notes, lab results, and imaging-test information from your current providers. You have a right to request and receive your own medical records.

Once he receives the information, Dr. Rumbaugh carefully reviews the details of your condition and your provider's diagnosis and treatment recommendations. He could request additional information to ensure his report is complete.
    What's included in a second-opinion report?
    Dr. Rumbaugh creates a report that could agree with your current provider's diagnosis and treatment plan. If he determines other options are available for your condition, his report will include a different diagnosis or recommendations for additional diagnostic or treatment options.

    Once you receive your report, you can submit any additional questions you have about Dr. Rumbaugh's recommendations or schedule an in-person consultation at Pathway Neurology.
    What are the benefits of an online second opinion?
    After receiving a diagnosis of a serious illness, a second opinion with Dr. Rumbaugh can give you additional guidance and peace of mind about your overall health and the direction in which your health plan is proceeding.

    You can benefit from a second opinion if you're unsure about the accuracy of a diagnosis or need assistance in exploring your options for treatment, especially if there are several treatments to choose from.

    Online second opinions are especially convenient if you live outside the Tampa area but still want the expertise of a knowledgeable academic oriented physician like Dr. Rumbaugh. You can submit all of your information online or by mail without having to travel to the office.

    Due to state licensing requirements, you must be a resident of Florida to receive an online second opinion from Dr. Rumbaugh. You must also sign a waiver acknowledging your understanding that an online second opinion is not intended to replace a full medical evaluation or face-to-face visit with a physician, and is therefore inherently limited, and that these limitations may even affect the accuracy of the second opinions conclusions. The fee for an online second opinion is $200 per hour of time spent working on your case, including reviewing your records, preparing your report, and discussing your case with you.

    Currently, Medicare, Medicaid, and most health plans do not cover the costs of an online second opinion. Therefore, the online second opinion services are offered as a self-pay service. By submitting your credit card information, you authorize the practice to charge your credit card for any fees and services associated with the online second opinion as they become due. If the practice is unable to bill your credit card, they will promptly inform you, and your request for an online second opinion may be delayed until full payment has been received and/or verified.

    If you wish to receive an online second opinion from a skilled neurologist like Dr. Rumbaugh, call the Tampa office today.
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